CABE Structure

The Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE) was formed in 1975 as a federation of regional economics associations. In 1988 CABE was restructured as a national association of individual members, complemented by Chapters to provide services at the local level.

Potential members include applied economists in business, governments, associations and other organizations, and those interested in business economics, the economic outlook and policy.

There are two membership classes:

National Members can join CABE directly and automatically become a member of a local chapter, if one exists in their area. They receive all benefits of CABE, have voting privileges and receive Business Economics (the journal of the National Association for Business Economics).

Associate Members become members through joining a local chapter. They receive the services provided by their Chapter, are issued a username/password to the CABE website and are listed in the online directory.

The Board of Directors consists of National Directors elected by the National Members, and Chapter Directors selected by the Chapters. This structure ensures regional balance in the organization and representation of the Chapters in light of their financial contributions and their Associate Members


The Objectives of the Canadian Association for Business Economics, Inc. are:

  1. To provide a forum for discussion of business economics and related subjects.
  2. To provide a means of communication among practicing economists or those interested in economics and among organizations of business economists in Canada.
  3. To promote the study of business economics in Canada and to foster a better understanding of the roles of business economists.
  4. To represent the views of business economists.
  5. To provide a link between members and the International Federation of Associations of Business Economists and other international groups as well as national associations of business economists in other countries.
  6. To build a strong membership base and support the formation and strengthening of Chapters of CABE across Canada through the provision of services to members and Chapters.
  7. To enhance the professionalism of members.

Benefits of Membership

Being an economist in a large or small organization can be exciting and professionally rewarding. In either case, however, there are usually few opportunities for interacting with fellow economists.

Membership is CABE will enhance your professional status as a business or applied economist. Attending CABE/Chapter activities, working on the Executive and Committees, and being listed in the online directory are all positive indications of your professional involvement.

Professional development is a continuing challenge for all economists, CABE meets this need through relevant workshops and conferences. These include the OEA/CABE Spring Policy Conference and the CABE Moneco-Econtro Conference. CABE also organizes sessions at the annual Canadian Economics Association meetings.