Being an economist in a large or small organization can be exciting and professionally rewarding. But in either case there are usually few opportunities for interacting with fellow economists. CABE is the vehicle for establishing a network with other applied economists, for discussing common issues, and for learning the views of professional colleagues throughout Canada and elsewhere through publications and conferences. Local Chapters provide a program of speakers and an environment for informal exchanges.  Members receive significant discounts for attendence at our conferences and chapter events.

CABE membership will enhance your professional status as a business or applied economist. Attending CABE activities, working on the Executive and Committees and being listed in this directory are all positive indications of your professional involvement.  Membership is available on a associate status as a local member through the chapters.  You may also obtain a National membership through the national association.  You may purchase a membership through our store.

Professional development is a continuing challenge for all economists. CABE meets this need through relevant workshops and conferences and the provision of services and information via our web site. Full national Members also receive Business Economics, the journal of our sister organization in the United States—The National Association of Business Economists.  Student members are able to post CVs.