TABE Material

TABE Webinar - Canada's Rapidly Changing Economic Landscape
TABE Webinar - Municipal Finance Pressures and Potential Policy Solutions for Canadian Cities in the Time of COVID-19 - Enid Slack
TABE Webinar - Cities Post-COVID - Shauna Brail
TABE Webinar - Chief Economists Panel - Doug Porter
TABE Webinar - After the Pandemic Getting Ready for the Next Black Swan - Grant Kelly
TABE Webinar: Profiling Real Estate Demand and Supply Factors Using Statistics Canada's Housing Statistics Program
Options for the Bank of Canada's New Mandate - Chris Ragan
TABE Webinar: Bank of Canada's Operating System: from Zero to Abundant Reserves
CABE/TABE Webinar: Ministère des Finances du Québec: Snapshot of Québec’s Economic and Financial Situation
CABE/TABE Webinar: RBC’s Consumer Spending Tracker: Using Real-Time Data to Understand Pandemic Purchases
CABE/TABE Webinar: CBDCs: The Future of Money in an Era of Digitization and COVID-19?
CABE/TABE Webinar: Pandemic Economics: Thoughts on She-cession, She-covery, and Future Growth
CABE/TABE Webinar: What Kind of Light at the End of the Tunnel? Thinking Through the Long-term Economic Implications of COVID-19
CABE/TABE Webinar: Municipal Finance in the Time of COVID-19
CABE/TABE Webinar: The FAO’s Spring 2020 Outlook: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Ontario’s Economy and Finances
CABE/TABE Webinar: CFIB Business Barometer - Is Optimism Starting to Emerge
CABE/TABE Webinar: CMHC’s Spring 2020 Housing Market Outlook – National and Provincial Forecasts
CABE/TABE Webinar: Nowcasting: Tracking Economic Activity During a Pandemic
CABE/TABE Webinar: The Impact of Coronavirus on the Outlook for the Global Economy
CABE/TABE Webinar: Is COVID-19 the Crisis to Lead us to a Clean Energy Future?

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About TABE

The Toronto Association for Business and Economics Inc. (TABE) is the professional association for business economists in the Toronto area. TABE is a chapter of the Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE).  TABE provides a forum for professional development and networking.

Our annual events and regular programming include:

  • An annual kick-off event in September with drinks and a lively discussion with a leading Canadian Economic Policy Expert.
  • An annual Chief Economist event in December where the country’s leading Chief Economists share their views on the economic outlook over drinks.
  • Regular monetary policy events with senior officials from the Bank of Canada.
  • Regular lunchtime and evening events on topical issues in the field of economics.

These events provide an invaluable opportunity to network with colleagues and others in the field. At each event, a list of attendees and the name of their organization is provided. 

TABE is active in Engaging and Supporting Young Professionals

Our New Members Initiative Committee has a very active group of new professional economists who meet to discuss ideas that are of interest to those starting out in their career. This group regularly organize TABE sponsored events, including: trivia nights, workshops, and networking events on emerging topics in economics. See our calendar for upcoming events.

TABE offers a Mentorship Program.

TABE’s mentorship is open to members who have at least two years of professional work experience.