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All Memberships
Item Description Price
AAAE Local Membership AAAE (Atlantic) Local chapter membership (includes CABE membership) 75.00
AAAE National Membership National Membership Includes AAAE (Atlantic) Membership 160.00
AAAE Retiree Membership AAAE (Atlantic) Local chapter membership open only to retirees 35.00
AAAE Student Membership AAAE (Atlantic) Student Membership - active students 20.00
APEBC Associate Membership APEBC (British Columbia) Associate Membership 57.14
APEBC Full/Affiliate Membership APEBC (British Columbia) Full/Affiliate Membership 119.05
APEBC Student Membership APEBC (British Columbia) Student Membership 33.33
APEBC/CABE National Membership National Membership Includes APEBC (BC) Membership 160.00
CABE National Membership CABE National Membership, includes membership in a local chapter if one exists 160.00
CABE Student Membership Membership in CABE at the student rate - open only to students or recent not yet employed graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions. Please send a photocopy or scan of your student card to 35.00
MABE Corporate Membership MABE (Manitoba) membership for organizations for five members. Any organization member can attend events as MABE member (organization can assign different attendees for each event) 200.00
MABE Regular Membership MABE (Manitoba) Regular Membership 40.00
MABE Student Membership Discounted MABE (Manitoba) Membership for Students 25.00
OEA Local Email OEA (Ottawa) Local EMAIL (required) Membership 75.00
OEA New Professionals Membership OEA (Ottawa) - Joining for the first time within the first two years of employment following graduation 40.00
OEA Retiree OEA (Ottawa) email Membership for NON-WORKING retirees 40.00
OEA Student Member OEA (Ottawa) Student Membership - FULL-TIME STUDENT - Email required 10.00
SEA Saskatchewan Membership 35.00
TABE / CABE Local Membership TABE (Toronto) Local Chapter Membership 80.00
TABE Retiree Membership TABE (Toronto) Retiree Membership for non-working retirees 35.00
TABE Student TABE (Toronto) Student membership 30.00
TABE/CABE National Membership CABE National Membership includes membership in TABE (Toronto) 160.00