For New Members

Thank you for your interest in joining the Association of Professional Economists of B.C. In order for us to process your application, a copy of your current resume and two professional or academic references are required. Following the purchase of your membership below, please send this information to and include the following SUBJECT LINE
APEBC online membership documentation, <NAME HERE>.

The APEBC reserves the right to approve each applicant, or re-designate the class of membership.

 Membership Options

  • · FULL - University graduate in economics, min. of 2 years continuous practice as an economist
  • · AFFILIATE - Person engaged in another profession but, who expresses an interest in economics
  • · ASSOCIATE - Recent graduate, less than 2 years out of university, training to be an economist
  • · STUDENT - Graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in an appropriate program

For Renewing members

You may renew directly through the CABE store (below)

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OEA Memberships
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Item Description Price
OEA Local Email OEA (Ottawa) Local EMAIL (required) Membership 75.00
OEA New Professionals Membership OEA (Ottawa) - Joining for the first time within the first two years of employment following graduation 40.00
OEA Retiree OEA (Ottawa) email Membership for NON-WORKING retirees 40.00
OEA Student Member OEA (Ottawa) Student Membership - FULL-TIME STUDENT - Email required 10.00