AAAE (Feb. 3) - Richard Saillant - Atlantic Canada in the Age of the Great Demographic Imbalance

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Friday 03 February 2017, 12:00 - 13:45


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The Atlantic Association of Applied Economists (AAAE) invites you to attend:

Atlantic Canada in the Age of the Great Demographic Imbalance

WHO: Richard Saillant, Director, Donald J. Savoie Institute, Moncton, New Brunswick

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WHAT: Population aging is hardly a new topic—Canadians have been told for decades their country is aging fast. What they are only beginning to realize, however, is how unevenly Canada’s regions are doing so. This phenomenon, which Richard Saillant calls the Great Demographic Imbalance, is similarly nothing new; it has been with us for half a century.  Yet until recently, few people had noticed it. 

Saillant argues it can no longer be ignored. The Great Demographic Imbalance is producing two Canadas : one that can likely sustain the status quo despite feeling the pinch of demographics, and another in which provincial governments could be stuck between the financial abyss and the politically suicidal prospect of turning their residents into second-class citizens. 

As Canada’s oldest, fastest-aging region, Atlantic Canada will be the hardest hit by the Great Demographic Imbalance. Drawing from his new book, A Tale of Two Countriesand from other recent work, Saillant will explain how the Great Demographic Imbalance will result in slower growth and stronger pressures on the public purse in Atlantic Canada than anywhere else in the country. He will also propose a path forward for ensuring Canada’s Great Demographic Imbalance does not lead to the balkanization of the welfare state in Canada. 

WHEN: Friday, February 3rd, 2017, Noon to 1:45pm (Atlantic Standard Time)

WHERE: Bank of Canada Boardroom, Bank of Canada Regional Office, 13th Floor, 1701 Hollis St., (Founders Square), Halifax, Nova Scotia

COST: Members: $10,  Non-Members: $20 (A light lunch will be provided)

CONFERENCE CALL: A teleconference call option is available for those living outside of Halifax. The cost is the same as for in-person attendance.

REGISTRATION: Seating is limited and spaces will be reserved until we reach capacity. Visit the CABE Store to register for this event. You must register no later than end of day Wednesday 1st February. EVENTS: Mark your calendar for the following AAAE events:

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Location Bank of Canada Atlantic Regional Office
1701 Hollis St., 13th Floor
B3J 3M8
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