CABE Webinar - Sharpe - Productivity and Growth

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Tuesday 16 January 2018, 13:00 - 14:00


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Productivity and Growth – Results of the KLEMS Conference – Lessons for Canada

Dr. Andrew Sharpe – Centre for Study of Living Standards (CSLS)

Our Webinar

KLEMS (Capital (K), Labour (L), Energy (E), Materials (M) and Services (S)) databases are the key to inter-country analysis of productivity differences. The Fourth World KLEMS Conference held in Madrid in May 2016 focused on productivity and economic growth. The most recent issue of the International Productivity Monitor (IPM), published by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) and guest edited by World KLEMS founder Dale Jorgenson from Harvard University, featured selected papers from this conference by international productivity experts. The issue can be accessed at

Andrew Sharpe, CSLS Executive Director and IPM Editor, has agreed to present a webinar summarizing the key results of these studies and drawing implications for Canada. The first part of the presentation will highlight the key findings of the issue, including: productivity measurement issues related to ICT prices and the growth of ICT services, especially cloud computing, and to global value chains; trends in human capital; and productivity developments in Europe, Spain, Latin America, Argentina, Japan, and China and India. The second part will discuss the implications of these results for the explanation of slower productivity growth in Canada since 2000. The third part focus on the implications of the studies for both data development to improve productivity statistics in this country and the formulation of policies to improve productivity growth.      

Our Speaker

Andrew Sharpe is founder and Executive Director of the Ottawa-based Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS). Established in 1995, CSLS is a national, independent, non-profit research organization whose main objective is to study trends and determinants of productivity, living standards and economic well-being. He has held a variety of earlier positions, including Head of Research at the Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre and Chief, Business Sector Analysis at the Department of Finance. He holds a M.A. and Ph.D in economics from McGill University, a maitrise in urban geography from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne, and a B.A. from the University of Toronto. He is also founder and Editor of the International Productivity Monitor, co-developer (with Lars Osberg) of the composite Index of Economic Well-being, a consultant to the World Bank on labor market issues, and Executive Director of the International Association for Research on Income and Wealth, an international research association dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to income and wealth.


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Time: 13:00 p.m. (Toronto Time) to 14:30

Date:  January 16, 2018

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