CABE Webinar – Statistics Canada – Measuring the economy in an increasingly digitalized world

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Tuesday 05 June 2018, 13:00 - 14:00


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CABE Webinar – Statistics Canada – Measuring the economy in an increasingly digitalized world

Mark Uhrbach - Program Manager, Digital Metrics, Investment, Science and Technology Division

Amanda Sinclair - Unit Head, Satellite Accounts and Special Studies, National Economic Accounts Division

Our Webinar

The increasing digitalization of the Canadian economy has many aspects that are being considered at Statistics Canada. The digitalization of the economy presents new challenges to the statistical system but also presents new opportunities for data collection and the implementation of statistical methods that were not previously possible. Statistics Canada is currently working towards identifying data gaps that have emerged and finding solutions to meet these data gaps through both traditional survey methods and innovative new solutions. This webinar will address some of these challenges that exist in this new era of measurement and propose some of the steps the organization is taking toward meeting them.


The webinar will be delivered using WebEx technology. This requires that you have Java enabled on your computer and Internet access. Slides will be made available after the presentation.  Sound will be available through a phoneline (recommended) and through the computer (mute your computer if using the phone).  Questions can be posted through the WebEx Chat.  Login instructions will be sent before the event to all registered subscribers and included with registration information.  You are welcome to have multiple persons attend a session at your organization using one registration.  CABE just needs to cover the marginal cost of phone lines and associated event costs.

Time: 13:00  (Toronto Time) to 14:30

Date:  June 5, 2018

  • There will be no charge for National registrants, but they must log into the web site to see the cost-free entry for national members to get their registration material.
  • Discounted registration, for which login is required, is available for local members ($10) to cover phone costs.
  • Non-members will be charged $30.

Registration information will be included as attachments with the registration receipt but will also be resent to all registrants on the morning of the webinar.  Please direct any questions to secretariat@cabe

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