Terms of Agreement for Posting Job Advertisements

1)      CABE.CA is an undertaking of the Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE).
2)      The posting of jobs via CABE.CA is NOT included in the price of a CABE Membership.
3)      By posting a position on this site, the job poster warrants that the posting is in complete legal compliance. The job poster will assume all responsibility for the content of the posting. CABE WILL ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOSS, OR OTHER DAMAGES.
4)      The Internet is NOT a completely secure format and requires the attention of all parties involved to keep the materials correct. CABE.CA will exercise due care in protecting the security of this website. However, mistaken job postings may occur and the job poster is required to review the insertion of the job posting after receiving the posting confirmation email and call to the attention of CABE.CA any error. In the event of an error, the sole liability of CABE.CA will be to “make good” by correcting the error. THERE IS NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOSS OR OTHER DAMAGES.
5)      The job poster warrants that it is legally authorized to advertise the job, and that the posting does not infringe on any copyrights, patents or trademarks or contract that the job poster is a party to.  The job poster will indemnify The Canadian Association for Business Economics, publisher of CABE.CA, for any claims made by third parties related to the advertisements. CABE.CA reserves the right to reject any submitted order without having to state a specific reason.
6)      Possible reasons for rejection include, but are not limited to:
    ·         The relationship of the institution to the economics profession,
    ·         content of the posting,
    ·         applicability to the site’s job seekers,
    ·         authenticity of the order and
    ·         past credit history with the company.
7)      The cost of a posting is in Canadian dollars.
8)      It may lawful or unlawful for an employer or an employment agency to publish an ad for a job opening which lists a specific restrictions or religious preferences for employment. If such a position were posted under this agreement, CABE would presume that it is lawful for this restriction related to the nature of the posted positions. If this were not the case, CABE would need to be notified in writing upon the posting of the position.
9)      If any part of these terms and conditions is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions hereof.
10)   Thank you for posting with CABE.CA!