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CABE Mentorship Program 2020-21


We are now launching the 2020-21 mentoring program and invite you to submit your application online to be a mentee or mentor by December 1, 2020.The program runs for approximately 10-12 months.

The program is mentee-driven. Once the match is made, the mentee is responsible for managing the mentor relationship. We recommend arranging monthly meetings with your mentor that may be in person (conditions permitting), virtual, or by phone. The mentee must currently be employed with two years of work experience.

Mentoring can change your understanding of our profession and what we can accomplish. To learn more about the program, please consult the CABE Mentorship Program Guide 2020-21.

Both mentee and mentor must be either national or local chapter members of CABE. You may purchase a membership via CABE Store. You must be logged into the website in order to access the online application form, under the Mentoring dropdown menu. Once you complete the on-line application, your CABE chapter program representative will be in contact with you.

NOTE: The mentorship program is currently not being offered via the Ottawa Chapter (OEA).