Entrepreneurship in Manitoba's Tech Sector New!

Entrepreneurship in Manitoba's Tech Sector - Bryce North - CEO and Co-Founder - TrapTap Inc.

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Bank of Canada Monetary Policy Report - October 24, 2018 New!

Bank of Canada MPR - presented under Chatam House Rules - Russell Barnett, Senior Policy Director - Bank of Canada

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Manitoba Economic Update and Outlook New!

Manitoba Economic Update and Outlook - Parameshwaran Bhahirethan - Manitoba Finance

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Winnipeg and Manitoba Labour Markets New!

Winnipeg and Manitoba Labour Markets - Matthias Rust - Manitoba Growth Enterprise and Trade

                                                                 - Chris Ferris - Economic Development Winnipeg

                                                                 - Tyler Markowsky, City of Winnipeg

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U.S. Trade Wars NAFTA and Beyond New!

U.S. Trade Wars - NAFTA and Beyond - Stephen Tapp - Deputy Chief Economist - Export Development Canada

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The Cannabis Economy New!

The Cannabis Economy - Conrad Barber-Dueck, Statistics Canada

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Brexit - Crunch Time

With less than 6 months to go before Brexit, John Calverley provided an update on the latest developments in the negotiations and what it means for both the UK and Europe. Will a deal be agreed and will it pass in the UK parliament? What would no-deal mean? Is there a chance of another referendum? How is Britain’s relationship with Europe likely to evolve? This presentation is from his TABE talk in Toronto on November 8, 2018..

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WEBINAR - Slides – Economic and Social Research in the Analytical Studies Branch 11-07-2018 Download
Webinar - Kassi - Online Labour Index 181031 10-31-2018 Download
Middle Class in Canada: A Generational Perspective

What are the major socio-economic issues faced by each generation of Canadians and how do these differ across regions? New and insightful statistical information is provided on issues that affect the well-being of Millennials, Generation X, and Baby-Boomers. The presentation will provide a new perspective on the policy conversation about the middle class in Canada.

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