Moneco-Econtro 2003

11:00 "Hard Choices for Public Policy" (PDF: 1055K)
Don Drummond, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group
Moneco-Econtro Dinner and Keynote Speaker
Topic: Outlook for the Canadian Economy and Inflation
Sheryl Kennedy, Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada
14:00 "Long-term Financing Issues Facing Municipalities" (PDF: 185K)
Tom McCormack, Director, The Centre for Spatial Economics
9:30 "The U.S. Outlook" (PDF: 386K)
Chris Varvares, President, Macroeconomic Advisers (MA)
15:30 "Investment Issues in the Context of the Canadian Economic Outlook" (PDF: 278K)
Leo De Bever, Vice President, Ontario Teachers' Pension Board
8:30 "Long-term Issues Facing the Canadian Economy"
Mike McCracken, Chairman, Informetrica Limited