Features of the Web Site and Store

Purchasing Events

Event registrations can be made on the CABE store using the link www.cabe.ca/store .
Links are also available to the chapter portions:
TABE                www.cabe.ca/tabestore
OEA                  www.cabe.ca/oeastore
MABE              www.cabe.ca/mabestore
APEBC             www.cabe.ca/apebcstore
SEA          www.cabe.ca/seastore
AAAE              www.cabe.ca/aaaestore
It is NOT necessary to log into the web site to purchase a membership or an event.  However, without logging in, you must enter your full contact details for every purchase.
The store uses a shopping cart metaphor.  It is possible to purchase multiple items including both attendance and memberships in one purchase.

Using the Site on a Smartphone

This new site has been adjusted to also function on a smartphone.  If you are using a recognized device, a message will appear under the logo.  The main menu is collapsed into a grey-brown icon on the top left.  Depressing that icon will provide a more accessible menu for most smart phones.  There is also a direct link in the text message to the store. This functions best in landscape mode and has been tested on Android and Apple devices.  If your phone browser has trouble with javascipt, it may not be activated.  You might also try downloading alternative browsers such as Chrome or Maxthon.  The latter works adequately on the Blackberry Playbook.  For those who have trouble logging in, try the supplementary login at the bottom of the page.

Login Options

The new site offers the use of social media logins.  You must first login to the site with your CABE credentials. On logout, you can link to one of your social media accounts.  Afterwards, if you are logged in to that account, you can quickly enter our site without needing to remember your CABE id.  If you have trouble with the popup login at the top, there is a supplementary login option at the bottom of the page.

Recovering Your Password

We cannot supply you with your current password.  We can reset it for you.  However, you can get a new one by using the "forgot" button on the login.  At a minimum, you need your email to get reset.  If you have forgotten your username, take the first step to get it sent to your registered email address.  Then do another pass to get a new password.  Your username is usually firstname.lastname in lower case but you can change it to whatever you want.  If you no longer have access to the email address on file, please contact CABE at the secretariat email (secretariat at cabe dot ca).  Your password is associated with your contact information.  Please see below on how to edit that.

Subscribing to a list of events

One of the most useful ways of keeping track of the events available to CABE members is to use a specially formatted XML list known technically as a rich site summary but usually referred to Really Simple Syndication feed (RSS).
Clicking on the link www.cabe.ca/eventrss will generate such a link for you in browsers such as the Blackberry, Firefox etc.  In Firefox, it works well as a live bookmark.
Chrome requires you to subscribe to the link using a feed reader such as the Google Reader or Feedly.
Similar links are available for TABE at www.cabe.ca/taberss and OEA at www.cabe.ca/oearss.

Subscribing to Mail Lists

Email lists are maintained and administered by CABE and its chapters using a list management system.  It is possible for all users and visitors to add their emails to the general mailing lists for CABE and selected  chapters  using the CABE Mailing List link on the main menu.

Updating Contact Information and Other Data

This is done by logging in to the web site.    Use the YOUR PROFILE function under the menu item Member Functions.  You can also change your password and username.  Profile changes are sent automatically by email to the relevant chapter contact. 

CABE Social Media

We have created automatic social media links to our web content.


For access to our events and downloads on Facebook, simply “like” our facebook page on the main page of our web site by clicking the link Find us on Facebook.


Twitter feeds are being created for the chapters on request.  These contain links to all relevant events and other news stories that might be posted by the chapters.  In addition, links to ALL downloads are posted on these feeds.  Currently feeds are available for TABE and OEA.