Michael C. McCracken 1940-2015


Your Executive wishes to convey some very sad news to you. Mike McCracken passed away last night, Monday, September 28th. He was 75 years old.

Mike was one of Canada's leading economists and a pioneer of Canadian economic modelling. His work shaped both economic analysis and economic debate in this country for decades. At the young age of 25, Mike moved from Texas to start his Canadian career at the Economic Council of Canada, where he served as the first Director of the CANDIDE macro-econometric modeling project, the biggest such model of the Canadian economy and the biggest in the world, at the time. Seven years later, in 1972, he co-founded and became President of Informetrica, which became one of Canada's first independent forecasting and economics consulting firm, serving industrial and public sector clients in Canada and abroad. Informetrica developed the TIM family of econometric models of Canada and the provinces; a Local Area Economic impact model; and a software suite for building and maintaining large scale economic models.

Mike's contributions to Statistics Canada's National Accounts Advisory Committee will have an influence on our profession for many years to come. It is a testament to his talent and insights that the Canadian Economics Association has established a Mike McCracken award for economic statistics. https://economics.ca/en/mccracken.php

He was broad-minded and a lateral thinker; always astute and to the point; and always extraordinarily generous with his expertise and time, especially with non-profits. He had a profound influence on many in the profession. This extended to his remarkable nurturing of younger economists. Informetrica Limited was the training ground for many business and government sector economists. He will be sorely missed.

It is hard to overstate Mike's role in supporting and building up CABE. The current structure of CABE reflects his vision for our profession. Your executive will consider some way of marking Mike's contributions to the profession in the coming weeks.