North American Outlook: Navigating the Fog of Trade War - Douglas Porter & Michael Gregory

This session offered insights into preliminary research that applies network analysis to gain a deeper understanding about how investors and ventures interact to form Ontario’s investment network.

A panel provided an assessment of factors inhibiting the entry into Ontario ownership markets among the millennial population. Attached is the main presentation by Ted Tsiakopoulos. The panel also included Diana Petramala & Tony Whitaker & was moderated by Tracy Hanes.

With less than 6 months to go before Brexit, John Calverley provided an update on the latest developments in the negotiations and what it means for both the UK and Europe. Will a deal be agreed and will it pass in the UK parliament? What would no-deal mean? Is there a chance of another referendum? How is Britain’s relationship with Europe likely to evolve? This presentation is from his TABE talk in Toronto on November 8, 2018..

Statistics Canada recently released a new wave of information about the wealth, assets and debt of Canadian families, based on data from the 2012 Survey of Financial Security (SFS). This presentation will highlight some key research results based on the SFS.