Susie Fortier and Team

Information on the trend-cycle helps users get a better sense of longer-term movements in the economic data by removing the effects of short-term, irregular fluctuations in economic activity that can affect seasonally adjusted data. Trend-cycle estimates can make it easier to analyze a data series over time.

Statistics Canada now presents trend-cycle lines alongside the official seasonally adjusted data for several key monthly indicators: employment from the Labour Force Survey, manufacturing sales, retail and wholesale sales, building permits, and sales at food services and drinking places.

More detail is available at this link.

CABE is pleased to host a Webinar discussing Statcan’s development and use of this exciting new tool, 

Susie Fortier is currently a chief methodologist at Statistics Canada responsible for the Time Series Research and Analysis Centre.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in statistics and a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Sherbrooke. She teaches various time series courses at Statistics Canada’s Training Institute. Her research interests focus on time series reconciliation and benchmarking, seasonal adjustment, price index theory and SAS programming.  Susie is also the production manager of the journal Survey Methodology.