Perspectives on the Youth Labour Market in Canada

René Morissette

Following the 2008-to-2009 recession, concerns have been raised about the relatively high level of unemployment experienced by young individuals. This presentation shows how various labour market indicators have evolved for youth over the last four decades in Canada. A comparison is made with labour market indicators for older individuals. The degree to which specific groups of youth―the less educated ones versus the more highly educated, young recent immigrants and young Aboriginal people―have been successful in the Canadian labour market is assessed. Two key finding are:

  1. while youth unemployment today is similar to that of the mid-1970s, job quality has deteriorated for many young people
  2. these latter changes are not unique to youth: they are observed among Canadian men of all ages and in many OECD countries

Join René Morissette  in a webinar to discuss this key policy issue on December 14tht at 1 p.m. Toronto Time.

Biographical Notes

René Morissette is Research Manager in the Social Analysis and Modelling Division at Statistics Canada. He has conducted several studies on a wide range of issues related to the Canadian labour market. His recent research focuses on the impact of job displacement on workers’ outcomes and the impact of wages on school enrollment and labour mobility.Webinar Logistics