Reproducible and adaptable workflows using StatCan data in R

Jens von Bergmann, Mountain Math


Statistics Canada data form the backbone of most economic analysis. We will demonstrate how to access, analyze and visualize this data with reproducible workflows, where we can effortlessly re-run an analysis or visualization when new data becomes available. Adaptable and reproducible workflows greatly increase productivity, enable transparency and reduce errors. The workshop with Jens von Bergmann will focus on regular StatCan economic tables, formerly referred to as CANSIM, and also show how to integrate census data for less-frequent but finer geographic breakdowns.

The workshop will assume only very basic prior exposure to R, and the code examples will be available during and after the workshop.

Jens von Bergmann:  Here is a link to a python package to access CANSIM data. I have not used it much, but at least basic functionality is there.

The slides for this webinar are located at