Public Policies for the Pandemic
As economies closed in March and April to mitigate the impact of coronavirus, federal and provincial governments rapidly deployed unprecedented stimulus to support households and businesses. Many of these measures were untested but considered necessary to avoid the worst ravages of the crisis. As the recovery now sputters ahead, policymakers have had the opportunity to evaluate the programs rolled out to-date, adjust where necessary, and propose a suite of longer-term measures that will address some of the perceived social inequities laid bare by the crisis, including childcare, housing, and many others. To discuss these public policies for the pandemic we have the pleasure of being joined by two leading Canadian public policy experts, Armine Yalnizyan and Rebekah Young.

Armine Yalnizyan

Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers

Rebekah Young

Director, Fiscal & Provincial Economics, Scotiabank Economics