A panel provided an assessment of factors inhibiting the entry into Ontario ownership markets among the millennial population. Attached is the main presentation by Ted Tsiakopoulos. The panel also included Diana Petramala & Tony Whitaker & was moderated by Tracy Hanes.

Presentation to the Ottawa Economics Association by Randall Bartlett of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Democracy on November 29, 2018 on the Fiscal Outlook.

PBO Yves Giroux spoke in Toronto on November 21, 2018 on Canada's economic & fiscal outlook  

Entrepreneurship in Manitoba's Tech Sector - Bryce North - CEO and Co-Founder - TrapTap Inc.

Bank of Canada MPR - presented under Chatam House Rules - Russell Barnett, Senior Policy Director - Bank of Canada

Manitoba Economic Update and Outlook - Parameshwaran Bhahirethan - Manitoba Finance

Winnipeg and Manitoba Labour Markets - Matthias Rust - Manitoba Growth Enterprise and Trade

                                                                 - Chris Ferris - Economic Development Winnipeg

                                                                 - Tyler Markowsky, City of Winnipeg

U.S. Trade Wars - NAFTA and Beyond - Stephen Tapp - Deputy Chief Economist - Export Development Canada

The Cannabis Economy - Conrad Barber-Dueck, Statistics Canada